Goodwin Racing Application Notes: Year after year our top choice was the Racing Beat and year after year they were out of stock because the batches of CAST flanges were too warped to use, and then out of stock for months to get a good batch. We had enough, customers had enough, so Goodwin Racing made their own, which avoids the use of problematic cast iron flanges and is otherwise similar for pipe size and length and all stainless steel constructions. We think this is the best header you can get for the money, and as a result, Goodwin Racing`s warranty is for life that you will not get to ANY other choice! You know that when you get home after being in public, take off your mask and think “now I can breathe.” Well, that was my roadster experience after installing the Magnaflow manifold combination and intermediate hose. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed! Suitable for all legal NC Generation Miatas and CARB for 2006-2015. A great catted header option for anyone with a right-hand drive car who wants to keep emissions at bay. I paired this with Helmholtz Midpipe and my MX5 now has the exhaust quality you`d expect from a sporty roadster, just the right amount of Burble & Volume. It only took a few trips to settle into the system and deepen the tone of the exhaust. From a performance perspective, the engine feels much more responsive and free due to improved exhaust gas flow. I highly recommend this combination, exactly what I was looking for. Installation Notes: Brian`s instructions in the GWR forum for installing the header are on money and extremely useful. Make sure you have a complete toolbox and good access under the car before attempting this installation.

You`ll need an O2 jack, circuit breaker rods, 1/4″ and 3/8″ power sets, threaded anti-seizing spray, and plenty of patience to remove factory connections. The new header installation is quite simple and is what you expect. Even if your car is right-hand driven, you`ll need to remove the steering column clutch to pull out the factory strips and get new headers. Make sure you align the clutch correctly when you reinstall it, otherwise you`ll end up with a warning light on the dashboard and an off-center steering wheel. Goodwin Racing`s interpretation of the classic Miata head 4 to 1! Best for your money, with all the features you need in a stainless steel manifold. Note that adding a header will increase the exhaust noise level of your Miata. Magnaflow has pretty cleaned up the design with this CARB version, production image below of the legal CARB replacement, full diameter primary colors that are NOT clamped in half: I`m sure this has been requested several times, but I can`t find any current relevant results. Are there straight CARB headers for ND? I hate that it`s even a question. Thank you, Would you like a review of my recent purchase from GWR Carb Legal Header and Mid Pipe? I know you can`t say that one of the two products increases performance, but I can. In combination with the Super Q, the Exhause sound is also amazing.

Before, I felt that the Super Q was too quiet and I wanted to order the street single. This configuration rumbles at low revs, buzzes under compression and growls like a beast when you get to the red line. Regards, Dan If you want the best midpipe, choose Cobalt. Designed by our in-house engineering and R&D team with guidance from our Californian neighbor Magnaflow. 2.5″ all-steel pipes and welded catalytic converter, these screws to collectors and factory silencers or cobalt. Location of the factory O2 connection. Ideal for Miatas with compressor, turbo or naturally aspirated engine. When Moss, Cobalt and Magnaflow work together, you get the best product. CARB legal.

The power and sound you get from a collector is largely due to the absence of the cat, not the flow of a pipe change. Here`s my review of the Carb Legal Header 61-2340B and Mid Pipe 61-2199. Feel free to use anything, all or nothing. Sorry it`s so long, but I had a lot of good things to say! I was totally prepared to be overwhelmed by this mod when reading the descriptions on Goodwin`s website. My OEM header catalyst had failed and I needed a replacement. OEM is such a terrible design, I didn`t want to become an OEM even if it was cheaper. Since I was living in California, I needed a legal assignment from CARB. Since I made the header, I decided to upgrade the midpipe as well. Both units are manufactured by Magnaflow and distributed by GWR.

I was pleasantly surprised by the improved torque at low revs and the increased power up to the red line. My NC now comes out of corners much better when revs are low. Previously, there was no power up to 4000 rpm. The car also drives much faster up to the rev limiter. It doesn`t seem to weigh more than 5000 rpm. On a track I still ride, I was driving 10 miles per hour faster than my normal pace, with far fewer downshifts to stay within the performance band. I have a GWR Super Q silencer. My only complaint about it was that it always seemed a little too quiet. I heard more intake noise than exhaust noise during strong acceleration. This has changed significantly with the new header and intermediate channel.

The empty tone is now deep and rumbling. Under deceleration, there is now a beautiful deep splash. Zero drones at any speed. At high acceleration, the car sounds like a real sports car and screams at the red line at 7800. Not boringly noisy, but just enough for a sports car. I have always said that the most important upgrade to my CL3 power supply is an ECU setting. I think the combination of the header and the middle of the pipe could match this increase. Developed after hours of bench testing and overhauls, every aspect of the Racing Beat header has been analyzed and tuned to maximize optional power and torque for all model year applications. From our custom stainless steel casting flange, primary and secondary pipe diameters and lengths, manifold design and internal configuration, molded outlet flange and seal design, every aspect of our manifolds has been bench tested and retested to achieve maximum average and maximum performance. There simply isn`t a better header on the market! There is NO screw converter for the Mazda Miata from 1999 to 2005. Instead, the catalytic converter of the Miata 99-05 is a welded part of the exhaust pipe. It is the most powerful midpipe for 99-05 billion and includes a high-speed converter and built-in resonator! Full 2.5″ width stainless steel.

ALL mufflers we sell for 99-05 include only the muffler and no midpipe (unlike options 90-97). So if you want to connect the stream of a performance header to your new high-speed silencer, it`s here. Ideal for any atmospheric, turbocharged or turbocharged Miata. All stainless steel parts mean years of Miata quality. At the factory location O2 connection. and possibly use an additional connection in the chat for EGT. Fits exactly your plant 99-05 Miata Midpipe! This means that it matches the factory Miata headers, ALL the replacement manifolds we sell, and ALL the Miata mufflers we sell. Warranty: 5 years / 50,000 miles manufacturer`s fault warranty on the case and 25,000 miles warranty on manufacturing defects on internals. Not CARB approved (and therefore legal in California only for off-road use). Note that in addition to California, there are states that now follow the California model and require CARB compliance, please check your state`s rules before ordering, in some states this setup is only legal for race cars and can never be used on public roads. If I`m not mistaken, the ND2 collector is slightly higher than ND1, if you need the cat, I honestly doubt that you can improve the serial distributor. 1990-2005 Trans Manual only, no ABS, no cruise control — MICHAEL S., San Francisco Bay Area (MX5 2006 Grand Touring Roadster) August 2020 Made entirely of 304 stainless steel with thick flanges that do not deform like other stamped or molded flanges.

The large 1.7″ primary colors accumulate to form a 2.375″ OD tube via a smooth 4:1 fusion. O2 sensor plugs included after melting. The MagnaFlow exhaust manifold with integrated catalytic converter is designed for easy and screw-in installation and requires no cutting or welding. Have American made stainless steel construction and high quality and efficient honeycomb monolithic catalyst designed for long service life and clean emissions. Does not come with the donut seal shown in the photo. Note that we are only suitable for USA/Canada LEFT HAND DRIVE cars. Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. Note that there is a small INTENTIONAL bump in one of the primary hoses to ensure the distance to the handlebars. * Legalized in California only for race cars that are never allowed to be used on a highway. Joint included.

Comes with a plug installed loosely in the lambda sensor. Article ID: 56006 Our Price $552.09 Learn more Brian`s Application Notes: Finally a good bearing replacement for those who need CARB compliance! Not designed as a performance upgrade, essentially a bearing replacement and that means primary bearing size colors (albeit without the compression curves of the terrible OEM design).