But established by law that the government in the last 100 years, the husband causes problems if there is no official document proving this marriage, so they establish a rule that every marriage must be in the official channel, which is more concerning for the rights of the woman and the child. There are also controversial and unofficial “urfi” marriages in which a couple signs documents declaring themselves married. The couple does not inform their families of the marriage. Many Egyptian clerics oppose this type of Urfi marriage, calling it a cover for premarital sex. [ref. needed] Regarding “Urfi marriage” – there are two types: In its modern context, “Urfi is used to refer to something distinct from official state ceremonies or procedures. Thus, in an Islamic state, a nikah `urfi` may refer to something similar to a common law marriage in the West, while in some countries, such as Egypt, a nikah`urfi is a marriage that takes place without the public consent of the bride`s guardians, although the contract is entered into by a religious cleric and sometimes by a state official. For married Egyptian couples, it is important to know that a marriage certificate must be brought and presented to security when booking one of our apartments in Hurghada. Hi Eline, I`m sorry to hear this from you and if I understand you correctly, so you need to divorce or legally settle this situation between the two of you. But I want to clarify that it is the Orfi marriage, which is not recognized by the authorities on both sides (Egypt – Great Britain) and the only one that is registered and recognized is the marriage (between foreigners and Egyptians), which was confirmed by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice after an official process and requested documents from both parties.

So, all that your husband can do to get him to go to family court here in Egypt and confirm that this marriage is only recognized in Egypt. For you. You have many options to settle this situation 1- Hire an Egyptian lawyer with proxy to contact your husband here in Egypt to resolve this situation nicely. Divorce for. Take all the papers from him. etc2- If your husband refuses amicable solutions, your lawyer had to go to the family court to.. Initially. Confirm this Orfi marriage and let your husband admit that he has all the copies of the marriage contract and if he denies it, he or you are not his wife. That`s okay for. Because it means that you are not his wife according to his words.

And he will go to jail if he tries to use this copy for perjury in the future.- After confirming the marriage by the court, you can file for divorce in another trial.3- The last way is.. Forget it. Time will tell. what will come in the future. Anyway. if you need a good lawyer. I can help you.. Send me an inbox if you`re interested. I wish you good luck next time and always. To use the marriage certificate in the United States, it must be translated into English at the public authority of the notary at 57 Ramses Street in Cairo. It takes 1-2 days to receive the translation, which must then be certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and certified by the American Citizen Services Unit at the U.S.

Embassy in Cairo ($50.00). hii, I`m half Irish, I`m new to Egypt and I`m looking for new friends I mean, there`s no Orfi marriage in Egyptian law, which means it`s just useless paper, if you want a divorce, just forget you sign it. Very simple According to the court, Egyptian law sets the minimum age of marriage at 18. This is not a violation of the provisions of the Islamic Sharia or the Egyptian Constitution. What exactly do you mean by that?? The topic of this thread is related to Orfi marriage, so we seem to be deviating from the topic now. Therefore, please post relevant information or advice for the topic. Thank you very much. Hello again Elaine, SMS loose??? Not in the least and that`s exactly what this idiot deserves. The reason for the ofri marriage, which is worthless, is simply because most of the men who enter it are already married and do not want the other spouse (or spouses – yikes) to know about it, or for you to know them. Don`t you think you really deserve much better than this kind of shabby treatment? All women do it!!! Send him the text message, tell him clearly that it is FINAL, that there is no “way back” because YOU are burning all the bridges behind you.

Thank your lucky stars that you are in the UK where he will not be able to show up at your door to cause you grief in your NEW FUTURE without him. Good luck to yourself, be strong, be happy and know that you are doing the right thing – taking care of yourself for a change. Cheers,William James Woodward, Expat-blog Expert Team There are three criteria for defining legal issues in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh): Hello expat friendsTomorrow, a year ago, I had an Orfi marriage with an Egyptian living in Luxor. I was very happy with him for the first visits (I continue to live in England and still do, thank God) and then came the requests for money. Gradually, I realized that we were doing many trips to the ATM (he told me that all we wanted to do for our “honeymoon” was to take the small boats from the West Bank to the east); visit Banana Island (which I later found out was no entrance fee!); go to cafes and smoke shisha; eating out) was very expensive and I was too stupid/in love to question him when he asked me to get my daily maximum (£200) from each of my 2 Visa cards pretty much every day! Our `honeymoon` of the week cost me around £1200, then came the news that he had a blood disorder, which meant he had to go to Cairo every month for tests – more costs.