The Monterey Fire Department reminds everyone that fireworks of any kind, including “safe and healthy” fireworks, are prohibited in the City of Monterey and are subject to a significant fine of $1,000. If you are partying in a small group in the park or other public place, please do not leave garbage. Legal fireworks carry the safe and reasonable seal of the state fire marshal. Illegal fireworks – including celestial rockets, bottled rockets, Roman candles, mortars, M-80s, cherry bombs and fireworks – pose an additional risk to those who handle them and a fire risk to surrounding structures. Enjoy fireworks, lighting and special effects. Free. Enjoy a fourth July parade that starts at 10am, followed by an arts and crafts festival on Courthouse Square. End the day with brilliant fireworks in Redwood City Harbor starting at 9:30 a.m. Celebrate the fourth with a 5km firecracker race in the morning, followed by a parade through the city center, a park party, a decorating contest, and a final fireworks display. Free. California`s fireworks laws divide fireworks into two categories: “dangerous fireworks” and “safe and healthy” fireworks.

Madonna Del Sasso director James Evans helped set up the band`s fireworks booth on North Main Street in Salinas on Tuesday afternoon. California Health and Safety Code 12511 PC generally defines “fireworks” as “any device containing chemical elements and chemical compounds that burn independently of oxygen in the atmosphere and can produce audible, visual, mechanical, or thermal effects useful as pyrotechnic devices or for entertainment.” Join the holiday celebration and enjoy food trucks, live music and fun activities before spending an evening of spectacular fireworks. $6. Check with your city`s police or fire department to report illegal fireworks activities. “Dangerous” fireworks are still illegal unless you have a special exhibition license. These are usually only issued to pyrotechnic operators who host the fourth of July and other holiday exhibitions. “Safe and healthy” fireworks can be sold, bought and used by the public, but only within very strict parameters. Only authorized retailers can sell “safe and reasonable” fireworks, and they can only do so from June 28 to July 6 of each year. It is illegal to sell or give dangerous fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen (18). It is also illegal to sell or give “safe and healthy” fireworks to anyone under the age of sixteen (16).

Salinas, Seaside, Marina, King City, Soledad, Gonzales and Greenfield only allow the sale and firing of fireworks that are legal in their jurisdiction. Fireworks of any kind are not permitted in any other area of Monterey County, including all unincorporated areas, special counties, coastal beaches, state and county parks, federal and state property, including military installations. No beach in Monterey County allows fireworks. Enjoy the fireworks on the Friday before the big day. The show starts after the concert. Free admission with entrance. examples of “dangerous” fireworks are (but are not limited to): This family celebration on the green includes fireworks on Mt. Diablo High School. Free. Only “safe and reasonable” fireworks are allowed in the following Monterey County cities: Marina, Seaside, Salinas, Soledad, Gonzales, and King City. If you prefer to celebrate with fireworks, here are some relatively local shows to attend: Seaside has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal fireworks and asks citizens to report the use of illegal fireworks to the helpline numbers 831-899-6756, 831-899-6747 and 831-899-6748 or the shipment to 831-394-6811, 831-769-8888 or by SMS to 831-242-0435. The police service will treat the reports as criminal charges. Now, in addition to issuing criminal complaints for dangerous fireworks violations, our officers will also issue administrative citations about violations. You, as the owner of Seaside properties, should be aware of City of Seaside Ordinance 8.32, which states that you may be held liable as a “responsible person” (you) and have issued an administrative quote for dangerous fireworks violations on your property, as well as anyone who actually owned or used the dangerous fireworks. The administrative penalty is $2,500.00 for each event. If you own a property in Seaside that is inhabited by people other than yourself, we ask that you contact your tenants and warn them against using or possessing dangerous fireworks. Otherwise, you could be held responsible for the $2,500 bid. SALINAS — The fuse was lit when some local communities allowed the sale of safe and healthy fireworks as July 1, but not all areas of Monterey County allow the sale or lighting of fireworks.

Unlike in the past, the city`s application of fireworks is much stronger. While Monterey County is a “fireworks-free zone,” exhibits are held in several other cities in central and northern California. Here is some information about the fireworks in the area. The fourth-July parade begins at 10 a.m. and winds its way around the city`s historic square. Then, enjoy a festival of food, drinks and game stalls. At dusk, fireworks illuminate General Vallejo`s field. Free. The Monterey County Regional Fire District reminds residents that the possession, storage, sale and use of all fireworks within its boundaries is illegal, encompassing a large area around Salinas to the San Benito County line, south of Chualar, the Carmel Valley and around Monterey, Seaside and Marina, where it provides fire safety services through six stations.